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20 Feb

Last module of the Damon International Master group in Prague

Dr Perera travelled to Prague last weekend on the occasion of the last module of the Damon International Master group. There, a group of doctors and Master's students, from different parts of the world, received the support of Ana and Amaya, who facilitated the translation of the knowledge imparted by Dr Perera. In addition, we would like to thank Mariaa Kunder and Martin Janak - Delegates of Ormco in the Czech Republic and Estonia - for all their support and effort to make this first edition of the Damon Master in the Czech Republic a success.

29 Jan

New session of the International Damon Master course (in French)

A new session of the International Damon Master course was held in Madrid on January 17th and 18th, with simultaneous translation into French. Dr Perera gave the third module of the course in which those attending had the opportunity to continue deepening their knowledge of the secrets of the technique. How little they have left to learn!



23 Jan

New session of the International Damon Master course (English)

Last weekend doctors García Espejo and Perera opened their teaching agenda in Madrid. There, they taught a new session of the master course with simultaneous translation into English. The course was also attended by colleagues from the Complutense University of Madrid and also by Dr García Espejo’s son and his partner and another orthodontist, who are finishing their specialty at the University of Valencia. We leave you with a few pictures!

30 Dec


Last Friday, on December 20th, Dr Rafael García Espejo gave a course as part of the Postgraduate in Orthodontics at the University of Murcia, which is currently run by Professor Luis Alberto Bravo. This course was attended by all the students following the previously mentioned postgraduate course and also some of their lecturers. It analysed the basics and fundamental concepts of the Damon System. When they completed the course, the students were able to present their clinical cases and discuss them with Dr García Espejo.


09 Dec

New International Damon Master group

Last weekend saw the last International Damon Master session of the year. At this very intense meeting, with simultaneous translation into English and French, doctors García Espejo and Perera delivered the first module to this new group, who came along full of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm.

02 Dec

In-office course

Over the weekend, this group – which was formed by French doctors who are students on the International Damon Master course - had the opportunity to see how Dr Perera works in his clinic. As previously happened with students of various different nationalities, the doctors were able to use this in-office course to update their knowledge of the Damon System. This is important, as the system is constantly evolving.

14 Nov

Dr Perera at Les Journées de l'Orthodontie

Les Journées de l'Orthodontie, one of the most important congresses in Europe in the field of orthodontics, was held from November 7th to 10th. Dr Perera was invited as speaker ... for the eighth time! To take part, in what has become an annual event for him, Dr Perera travelled to Paris and addressed the issue of correcting overbite before an audience of doctors from different parts of the world.

31 Oct

Dr Perera in Malaga

On October 25th, Dr Perera travelled to Malaga to give an update course on the Damon System. This one-day session was held at the Ilunion Hotel, which is located on the seafront of this wonderful city. We leave you with a few photos of the event!



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