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12 Dec

Dr Perera in Lithuania

At -10ºC degrees, but ready to work and with a whirlwind of ideas and knowledge packed in his suitcase, Dr Perera travelled to Lithuania last weekend to give an advanced course on the Damon System. At the end of the course, Dr Antanas Sidlauskas, university professor and director of the Master's Degree in Orthodontics at the University of Kaunas, presented Dr Perera with a diploma officially accrediting the course.

03 Dec

33rd Damon Master Course

The first module of the 33rd Damon Master course was held on November 23rd and 24th. For this course, we had the help of a translation team made up of 4 professionals who, together with an exceptional sound and audio-visual team, made it possible for students of different nationalities to receive training in English or French, in line with their language needs and preferences.

19 Nov

New session of the International Damon Master

On 10th and 11th November, a new session of the International Damon Master course was held in Madrid, with simultaneous translation into English. A group of orthodontist students, who came from different parts of the world, began the month of November by completing what was, no more and no less than, the second module of the Damon Master course.

06 Nov

Master Damon with French translation

Last weekend there was a new Master Damon session in Madrid with translation into French. On this occasion, the students had the opportunity to improve their knowledge by doing the fourth module of the Master course -delivered by Dr García Espejo and Dr Perera- on which they discovered more hidden details and tricks of the technique and received further expert advice.


16 Oct

Dr Rafael García Espejo in Ferrara

On Friday 5th October, Dr Rafael García Espejo finished his week in Ferrara, Italy, where he gave a course on the Damon System at the city’s university and updated those present on the latest developments in the technique.


10 Oct

Dr Perera in Zagreb

Last Friday, Dr Perera flew to Zagreb, Croatia, where he explained his evolution from conventional mechanics to the Damon System in a course for advanced users of the Damon technique: a revolutionary system within the field of orthodontics to which more and more professionals from all over the world come in search of knowledge and training.


09 Oct

Drs. in the 3rd Iberian Damon Forum

On September 28th and 29th, the doctors and managers of the Damon Master course - Dr García Espejo and Dr Perera - travelled to Madrid to participate, as speakers, in the orthodontic event of the year: the 3rd Iberian Damon Forum!

01 Oct

Damon International Master course

Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Lebanon, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania ... Different parts of the world were represented at the last session of the Damon International Master course. Madrid was the meeting point for different nationalities, but the common language was the same for everyone who attended: the Damon System.

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