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13 Sep

Dr Perera in Italy

On September 5th and 6th, Dr Perera travelled to Italy as a guest speaker; he was invited to take part in “Four seasons in Orthodontics”, at Vicenza. This was an international meeting organized by Dr Giuseppe Siciliani, Director of the School of Specialization in Orthodontics at the University of Ferrara, who brought together professionals from the world of orthodontics to share their knowledge and bring everyone up-to-date on the straight wire technique. We will leave you with a few photos of the event! “A presto”, Italy!


22 Jul

Dr Rafael García Espejo at the University of Alcalá

On July 15th, Dr Rafael García Espejo was invited to give a course as part of the Cepume Postgraduate Programme in Orthodontics, at the University of Alcalá. The course, which focused on how to complete cases, proved particularly useful as it was aimed at final year students who, within a few days, will graduate and finish their orthodontic studies.

09 Jul

International Damon Master Course

Dubai, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal ... No, they are not holiday destinations! These are the countries of origin of the students trained by the doctors on the last two editions of the International Damon Master Course. Four sessions with two different international groups enjoyed simultaneous translation into English and French.

19 Jun

Third module of the 33rd session of the Damon Master Course

This past weekend, the third module of the 33rd session of the Damon Master course was held in Madrid. For it, we once again worked with a translation team consisting of 4 wonderful professionals who translated the Master course content into English and French. We leave you with a few photos of the event!


07 Jun

Second module of the Damon Master in Eastern Europe

Doctors García Espejo and Perera started the month of June in the Czech Republic. Last weekend, they travelled to Prague for the second module of the first group of the Damon Master course in Eastern Europe. This international group was formed by doctors of different nationalities who received the support of a translation team which, this time, was formed by Eva and Amaya.

20 May

Dr Perera in Bulgaria

Last weekend, Dr Perera visited Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria, where he gave a specialization course in the Damon System. On this intensive one-day course for updating knowledge, those attending benefitted from simultaneous translation by Dr Nadejda Kuyumdjieva, who made sure that none of those present lost any of the details of the course by translating the presentation from English to Bulgarian. We leave you with a few photos of the event!

20 May

International Master Damon

Last weekend, Dr Perera travelled to Madrid to give a new session of the International Master Damon course, with simultaneous translation into English. In this issue, which is the 32nd, the students completed the fourth module of their Master Damon course.


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