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18 Mar

Dr Perera in Vigo

Last Friday, Dr Perera gave a practical course focusing on the advantages of the Damon System at the Cí
28 Feb

5th International Orthodontic Symposium

Last Friday our Dr Perera inaugurated the 5th International Symposium on Orthodontics, an event organized by Dr Alberto Albaladejo, which took place at Kinépolis Madrid.

13 Feb

Dr Perera in Prague

The country where they drink the most beer per capita, the city whose bridge hides a numerical riddle, the place that has figures of babies crawling over its television tower ... Would you know which place in the world we are talking about? Our Dr Perera travelled to Prague on 8th February to give a refresher course on the Damon technique.

01 Feb

New session of the Master Damon

On January 25th and 26th, a new session of the International Damon Master's course was held in Madrid, with simultaneous translation into English. In this module, the students were gradually introduced to the more intricate details of the Damon System, allowing them to continue deepening their knowledge of the finer details of the technique.

23 Jan

International Master Damon course

Dr Perera and Dr García Espejo opened the year with a new module of the International Master Damon course. They were accompanied by 60 excellent French-speaking students and the professional interpreters Maryse Pérez Duarte and Solange Hibbs.

12 Dec

Dr Perera in Lithuania

At -10ºC degrees, but ready to work and with a whirlwind of ideas and knowledge packed in his suitcase, Dr Perera travelled to Lithuania last weekend to give an advanced course on the Damon System. At the end of the course, Dr Antanas Sidlauskas, university professor and director of the Master's Degree in Orthodontics at the University of Kaunas, presented Dr Perera with a diploma officially accrediting the course.

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