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28 Mar

Ibero-American International Sessions

On 9th and 10th March, Drs Ramón Perera and Rafael García Espejo were invited to the first Ibero-American International Sessions on Orthodontics, which were held in Seville. There, the directors of the Master Damon course shared their professional experience of working with self-ligating techniques: an area in which they are recognised experts.

19 Mar

International Master Damon

The students of the edition with simultaneous translation into English said goodbye to the month of February by, no more and no less, completing the second module of the Master Damon course. Little by little, this module introduced them to the ins and outs of the system and allowed them to begin to get to know the technique in greater detail.

19 Mar

Damon Forum Africa 2018

On February 3rd and 4th, Dr García Espejo, co-director of the Damon Master together with our Dr Perera, travelled to Cape Town, South Africa, to participate in the second edition of the Damon Forum, which was once again held in this country.

19 Mar

Master Damon International Group in French

The only limits to wisdom are established by desire, motivation and curiosity and the Master Damon students of Dr Perera and Dr García Espejo know this very well. Students arrived from all over the world to lap up knowledge about one of the most revolutionary techniques in orthodontics today.

19 Mar

Dr Rafael García Espejo in Casablanca

Dr Rafael García Espejo, co-director of the Damon Master course and partner of our Doctor Perera, had a very important appointment in Casablanca, Morocco. From 25th to 28th January, this city hosted the prestigious Scientific Conference on Orthodontics.

24 Nov

Les Journées de l'Orthodontie

On 11th November, our Dr Perera travelled to Paris to take part in the second largest orthodontics congress in Europe: Les Journées de l'Orthodontie, as an invited speaker. At this event, he once more explained his experience with the Damon System to an audience that had come from far and wide.




21 Nov

Damon Forum Mexico 2017

Last month, Dr Perera was in Mexico City, from 26th to 28th October, for the Damon Forum Mexico 2017. This was held at the World Trade Center, which was fully decked out to receive the different speakers participating in the event. These included our own Dr Perera, who gave a presentation entitled “Finishing cases with the Damon System” at a congress that was attended by over 1000 people. After the 5-hour course, Dr Perera was awarded a commemorative plaque.

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