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Ramón Perera Grau

Ramón Perera Grau

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery. University of Barcelona.
  • Medical Specialisation in Stomatology. University of Barcelona.
  • Postgraduate Degree in Orthodontics from the European Orthodontics Centre of Madrid.
  • Diploma from the “Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion”.
  • Certified Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics (SEDO).
  • Lecturer giving courses and conferences about the Damon System in: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, Spain, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland.
  • Lecturer giving the pre-congress course at the 38th Austrian Congress of Orthodontics (Kitzbühel-Austria 2009).
  • Speaker at European Damon Symposiums (Montecarlo 2006, Barcelona 2007, Roma 2008, Vienna 2009, Montecarlo 2010, Cannes 2012, Barcelona 2015 and Montecarlo 2017).
  • Speaker at the 10th and 15th US Damon Forums (Orlando 2011 and Los Angeles 2016).
  • Speaker at the last 8 editions of the Journées de l’Orthodontie of Paris.
  • Invited lecturer on postgraduate courses in orthodontics run by various universities both in Spain and abroad.
  • Co-Director of the International Damon Master course, together with Dr García Espejo, on a specialisation course in the use of the Damon Technique which is delivered in various different countries.
  • Exclusive orthodontic practices in Lleida and Tarragona.

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