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18 Jul

Damon System at the University of Alcalá

Last Monday, July 9, Dr Perera began the week in Madrid, where he spent the day giving a Damon System course at the University of Alcalá and providing an update on its concepts and techniques.

29 Jun

International Master Damon Course

Another new session of the international Damon Master course began on June 15th and 16th. This course was held in Madrid, where a group of orthodontist students from different parts of the world met to continue their specialisation in the use of the Damon technique.

29 Jun

17th Orthodontic Sessions

The 17th Orthodontic Sessions were organised last May by the institution Mississippi-CEU. On this occasion, the event was particularly special as it coincided with the 25th anniversary of this prestigious institution. A series of invited speakers included Dr Rafael García Espejo, co-director of the Damon Master programme along with Dr Perera.

20 Jun

Forum Russia

Dr Perera has now returned from his visit to Forum Russia, which was held in St. Petersburg, where he gave a class on finishing cases using the Damon System.

The event was followed by a gala dinner which was held in one of the halls of the Hermitage Palace. This put a perfect end to what was a truly wonderful experience.

06 Jun

Damon System Session at the UAX (Madrid)

Last week, Dr Perera was an invited speaker at the UAX (University Alfonso X, El Sabio) where he gave a course on the Damon System. At the university, he shared his experience with the director and lecturer on its Master’s Degree course in Orthodontics, Dr Juan José Barros, and with the rest of the teaching staff: Rosa Calama, Mario Garcilaso, Carmen Mediero and Ana Rabal. Today, we leave you with a brief summary of the event in the form of photos.

21 May


On Friday 27th April, Dr Perera travelled to Germany as an invited speaker to give an advanced course on the Damon System at the University of Würzburg, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. In it, he explained his evolution from conventional mechanics to the Damon System, a technique which the majority of the doctors attending the course already use.

21 May


On 20th April, our Dr Perera was in Santander as an invited speaker at a training session dedicated to the Damon System. Throughout the day, the meeting examined new approaches through which orthodontics has been advancing and increasing leaving behind the conventional mechanics from which it originated.

25 Apr

International Master Damon

Last week there was another session of the International Master Damon course for students from different French-speaking countries.

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