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27 Mar

The Portuguese Society of Dental-Facial Orthodontics (SPODF).

On 17th March, the Portuguese city of Vila Real was decked out to host the annual scientific meeting of the SPODF (Sociedad Portuguesa de Ortodoncia Dento Facial).

This is an international event which our Dr Perera attended as an invited speaker and explained the latest developments with the Damon System and his 15-year experience of working with it.


22 Mar

Barcelona Orthodontic Meeting

On Friday 10th March, Dr Ramón Perera participated in the 9th edition of the Barcelona Orthodontic Meeting. This event is held at the College of Odontology of Catalonia and organised by the International University of Catalonia (UIC).

In it, subjects were treated through four roundtable sessions in which each expert offered their own particular vision and answered questions from the table and the public attending the event.


06 Mar

Master in Orthodontics of the Athenea Dental Institute

Last February, in Barcelona, the students on the Master’s Degree course in Orthodontics of the Athenea Dental Institute received a visit from Dr Perera. In this Master’s course, which is run by Dr Pablo Echarri (who appears in the accompanying photo), our Dr Perera gave a masterclass on the Damon System. In it, the students had the opportunity to learn the finer details of the techniques involving the use of self-ligating brackets in which Dr Perera specialises.

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