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20 Jun

A new Damon Master international group

Last weekend, doctors Perera and García Espejo launched a new international group in Madrid. Once more, the Damon Master course has become a firm favourite amongst students who see a world of new possibilities for their patients outside conventional orthodontics.

23 May

“Orthomeeting” in Valencia

“The advantages of the Damon System under the most adverse conditions”. This is the title of the training session that Dr Perera gave at “Orthomeeting”: a meeting that was held in Valencia and which brought together important speakers from the sector.

23 May

New module of the International Damon Master Course

Last weekend, doctors Perera and García Espejo taught a new module of the international edition of the Damon Master course. It was held in Madrid, with simultaneous translation into French and English courtesy of the great work of our wonderful interpreters.

10 May

Damon Ultima Course in Barcelona

Last weekend, Dr Perera was in Barcelona to give a course about the Damon technique and its latest development: Damon Ultima.

This system, which has already revolutionized the world of orthodontics, now presents a series of improvements that will guarantee resounding success in its clinical application.

19 Apr

Damon Ultima Course in Paris

Last weekend, Doctor Perera was in Paris, a city famous for its tower, its croissants, its Latin quarter and boat trips along the River Seine.

11 Apr

4th module of the International Damon Master Course

Last weekend, the 4th module of the Damon Master course was held in Madrid, with translation into French.

After several postponements due to the pandemic, the group was finally able to hold the last session of its course, with the guarantee of being able to apply the technique and knowledge learned throughout the different training sessions.

18 Feb

2nd module of the international Damon Master Course

Last weekend, doctors Perera and García Espejo taught the second module of Group 39 of the International Damon Master Course.

This was an international group, with simultaneous translation into English and French, which was attended by students from various countries: France, Morocco, Croatia, Poland, and Spain!

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